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Benefits Of The Partner Program

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Earn Money

Earn $5 when unique views for each of your posts/articles cross 1000. Coderons is the right platform for you to impart your knowledge to the global developer’s platform and get multiplied reward benefits.

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No Risk

Joining our platform is extremely exciting as there is no risk involved, nor is any investment required. This platform gives you the privilege to share your ideas freely and connect to like-minded people, thus enriching yourself.


Anyone Can Join

Any developer can access our platform, and as there are no eligibility criteria, you can grow. Whether a beginner or a professional developer or you work in the back end or front end, you can gain insightful experiences and attractive rewards here.

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Develop Relationship

Through your insightful and knowledgeable posts/articles, you connect with the people in need. In addition to other incentives and the recognition you get, you also create a lifelong relationship and bond.


Contribute to the Platform

Our major focus is on knowledge-sharing posts because our ambition is to shower knowledge in society and educate our peer developers with the latest technologies in trend. It provides the satisfaction of helping each other and contributing to society.


Get Good Visibility

No need to search for an audience. Whenever you post an article and Coderons publishes it, the content becomes accessible to our vast platform of experienced and talented developers who will read, share, and like it. You cannot expect such whopping visibility anywhere else.

Why Coderons Partner Program?

● Ever-growing Platform: Over 1000 developers join Coderons every day to resolve each other’s problems and provide resolutions. They share their queries, creativity, and fresh ideas to expand and explore new opportunities.

● Hassle-free Sign-up: Accessing Coderons platform is straightforward. You will be able to easily complete registration and sign-up using your email or GitHub account with just a few clicks.

● Amazing opportunities: Coderons is a package of opportunities where one can grasp emerging technologies, earn good incentives, share knowledge and gather new job opportunities. Enroll in the Partner Program to gain these benefits:

● Makes you a better writer: Along with improving your writing and communication skills, this platform also provides genuine feedback from other users that make your writing abilities stronger, resulting in a more informative and visually appealing piece.

● A great passive-income source: Some people write as their passion, while some do it full-time. It is the best source of additional income because when you post informative articles on diverse topics as per your expertise, you get enormous views.

● Contribute and Learn: When other experienced developers read your articles, like them, comment on them, and share their views, it gives an immense pride that keeps you motivated and helps in growing. A sense of contributing develops within that gives immense satisfaction.

How it Works?

1Join Chain

The first step is to join the Coderons Partner Program.

2Money Up

Then, go to the 'Earnings' feature. At the Payout setup, fill in all essential details.

3Post article

Now, you can begin writing your post/article.

Note: Your earnings will start only after you join the Coderons Partner Program. You can do the Payout setup before or during withdrawal.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to invest in Coderons to become a partner?

Get all your earnings through Paypal!